Woman of Steel


Everything that I am, I owe it to my Family. Everything you can consider pure, every human value, my sense of heroism and rightness, my beliefs in change and justice, the things that remain bright in the middle of many dark thoughs inside me, they’re all things that exist because there were people there to teach me the difference between right and wrong.

I read the Bible very often during my childhood. That’s how I learnt that nobody must judge anybody else; in Jesus’ words, “the one who is free of Sin can throw the first Stone.”

Comic Books also taught me some important moral lessons. As Peter Parker, Spiderman, said: With great power comes great responsibility.

I found, during the trip recently, some people who are a living example of everything wich can be consideed anti-heroic, anti-human. People who have judged me and tried to steal from me, to blackmail me and to boycott me. But I’m here today to raise my voice.

But firstly, I would love to say that if there is a person in this world who taught me Morals and influenced me more strongly than anyone else in my life, that person was my Mother.

Who, over all things never ever rejected me, never judged me, and never went down. If there is somebody who loved me more than herself, it was my mother Maria Dolores Fernandez, a real Woman of Steel.

I planned to write this article about the bad experiences I have passed through during this trip, about the reject and the corruption I found, about the distrust of some people I love, about the mental slavery in wich some of my brothers and sisters still live. But over all of these things, the love of my mother eclipses every sadness I could find on my way to Justice.

2 Days ago, I went to meet some important Pastors in Madrid. Afterwards I felt destroyed, alone, discouraged, knowing that there was nobody with me to confront a reality wich is destroying the lifes of many persons over the world: antigypsysm.

For me there is no possible excuse, no reason why the Evangelical Church is not confronting this part of our reality in Today’s Europe. No excuse, no sense. This is the duty of the ones who consideer themselves able to teach morals on biblical Basis, a duty for one’s own people over every missionary call, a duty to bring life and justice.

The church, which has and overhelming influence on our Roma communities throughout Europe, is in some senses the last opportunity to change the situation that Roma people currently live. There’s no other way of representation, no equivalent competency elsewhere, I though. So the church must work against antigypsysm. But moreover what I found in my meeting with the religious authorities, there is something I would like to ask.

Can a seller of socks without a first degree and with zero money call to change the world?

I can call. But I cannot change the world by myself. That’s dependant on people like you.

I wrote a document wich was mostly ignored, a document on my own behalf, explaining to the religious authorities the situation of Roma all over Europe. The situation in the Czech Republic and Hungary, the danger of antigypsysm, the rise of the far Right. This document was misunderstood; it was not a call for benefits, but a call for service — a service in which I believe we can be agents of change.

I made my road to Madrid. I passed several obstacles, I found allies and warm-hearted people. But my mother was the one who offered to pay me a ticket to go to Madrid, to give me everything she had; the one who invested her own life into raising me wanted to invest her last saved money in her son´s vision, while the rest of the people, and even my friends, cannot understand what I’m doing. The mission, everybody laughs about it, the mission to Save the World.

Because the world needs desesperately to be saved: saved from corruption, saved from coldhearted men who steal the future of our brothers and childrens of every race with their creepy hands on behalf of individualism.

And still, I do believe in this ideal of hope. Regardless of whether the world should love me or hate me. (I’m well prepared for the second option, by the way.)

I have practically zero resources to stand for an impossible mission, but I do believe it is possible still; that some day we will be as one, all together as agents of Justice.

Truth will make us free, and the truth is that few people are contributing to a real change in our communities. Roma are suffereing a real process of anihilation and structural DESTRUCTION, and it is you and me who must to take the pledge, who must lead the change.

Church remains silent in a political world, NGOs suffer corruption and industrialism, and Superman will not came here to save us Roma people, from Jobbik in Hungary or the Front Populaire in France. Our hope is in ourselves, in people like my mother, women and men of steel, able to believe that the impossible is possible.

Are you one of them?

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