Somewhere over Cordoba


I can not believe it, I can not explain it, but I’m somewhere between Valencia and Cordoba, looking for Sevilla, with Bekah F. Ward…. the crazy wonderful girl who convoked me to this new stage of my travelling life as an activist.
I spent the majority of my last 3 years travelling all over Europe, living situations that most of my relatives and friends would perceived as totally impossible, glorious and absurd at the same time. But whatever Alfafar’s people think about me, I have a mission and I have a dream. During our trip to India I will personally invest my time in searching for the gifted and extraordinary inside our communities. We Roma people have long been depreciated and underrated, it is time for us to discover the richness that lays in our own little microverse!!!
I was born Roma and mutant, which means that even while fully embracing my community, there is always a point at which I am perceived as strange. They all love me and see me as special; instead of listening to Flamenco I was the odd child who listened to Led Zeppelin. But I wish, just once, that somebody had tried to reach out to me and help me to develop my skills and abilities.
When I was 12 years old a series of test made by a team of professional psychologists revealed that I had a very high IQ. I felt frustrated all my life and especially during my teenage years, understanding that I was able to make extraordinary things but that I would never have the possibility. My family, my church, my people, although they loved me, they didn’t know how to deal with an 8-year-old child who read Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species.
But life has given me many presents, and to be here today with my friend Bekah is one of the most extraordinary ones. This trip to India, traveling Europe community per community it is not just a personal unforgettable experience, it is not a game, it is my ULTIMATE opportunity to bring something purely good and significant to my community and to the people that I love with my all heart, the Roma people.
Im tired of the never ending game of the NGO industry. I’m not a moral referent, Im not in a position to judge or to denounce, but I do believe there must be a different way, a better way.
It is a long WAY to Justice, and we are in need of a route to the Roma grassroots, an honest portrait of our reality, and a bright opportunity for us all Roma and non-Roma to give value and encourage the extraordinary inside us.

One thought on “Somewhere over Cordoba

  1. Isn’t she wonderful!!! Yes!!! I agree. Bon voyage and take good care of yourselves and each other. I loved your post and the intention you hold and strangely enough, resonated with the word mutant ( and the love of community:). I don’t feel like an x-person though (even if I’m a fan) more like star trek next generation’s counsellor Troï🙂 be safe.

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